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Thread: Was this a good trade???

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    Was this a good trade???

    i traded 04-05 spx lebron james winning materials

    i recieved, 04-05 black diamond dwight howard auto, 05-06 trilogy deron williams swatches of stardom #ed 1 of 50 1/1???, dwyane wade, tj ford, kirk hinrich triple topps matrix rc

    what do u think???

  2. Kronozio
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    ir really depends if you really want the card that your getting..

    btw is the tmac auto ft? bv?

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    yeah its for trade tis not priced due to scarcity but i am looking for $100-$120 bv

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    have these FT:

    05-06 trilogy trinity kobe/wade/tmac triple gu
    03-04 UD lebron james sp rc
    03-04 UD dwayne wade Sp rc
    03-04 ud mvp lebron james rc
    03-04 victory lebron james rc
    05-06 topps first row danny granger auto
    96-97 bowmans best kobe bryant rc
    05-06 pristine uncirculated jsy dwayne wade
    04-05 hoops supreme court dwayne wade jsy
    05-06 bowman chrome chris paul rc
    05-06 topps chrome chris paul rc

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    can i get a scan of the triple gu, i am intrested

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