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    Dominik Uher young guns acetate

    I saw this card posted on eBay awhile back and haven't seen one since. If anyone has any info on this card can they help a brother out. The card is a Dominik Uher young guns acetate card. I might try to do the set but without a legit set checklist and the scarcity of this Uher card, it may be tough. AY-US

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    It isn't a 1/1, not sure how many, perhaps 10-30 copies of every YG...

    here is a Gaudreau
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    LF: Ovechkin and 2012-13 Artifacts # /125/75//15/8/5/3/1
    2008-09 Black Diamond Quad JS Base, Gold and Onyx.

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    Series 2 will have all the Series 1 Young Guns Acetate
    SP authentic will have all the Series 2 Young Guns Acetate

    As for runs, there are definitely some Young Guns with a larger run than others. Gaudreau seems to be more plentiful than some other players.

    Dominik Uher will be in SP Authentic and may take a little bit before it shows up.

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    Yeah, I've been watching for other copies of this card and haven't seen any since Authenitics release. I have amassed most of the acetates and now am wondering if I should get ahold of this guy with the Uher.

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    That's the same guy reposting it. I would almost bet that card is close to a 1/1. I have to think about this one.

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    I've been keeping an eye on Flames ones, and I think if you're patient enough another one will eventually show up.

    I've only seen 3 each of the flames acetates from 14-15 SPA on Ebay. Not sure what the other counts are like.

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