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    CARMELO ANTHONY Steiner Auto Draft Pick Mini Basketball

    Hi all, so I got this Melo basketball a bunch of years back when I was on vacation in SC, I was a huge Melo/Nuggets fan then. Since I've had it, it's been tucked away in storage for about 5-6 years and now I could care less about the NBA or the Nuggets. I'm selling this signed mini ball for $95 paypal dlvd (I'll save you the search, eBay ones have been $150ish). I know some Syracuse, Nuggets, or Knicks fan would enjoy this more than me, I'd also be up to trading it if I get something that grabs me. The Steiner sticker is coming off a little on the ends, likely since its just giving up after being on a round object for so long.

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    This is such a great deal! Someone's gotta like Melo or Cuse or the Knicks or Nuggets that wants this!

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    This is a great investment, cmon someone's gotta want it?

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