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    SPX Rc's/GU for trade for pistons

    SPx jerseys/rookies
    Have the following for trade from 2006 spx
    Deron Williams 858/1999
    Andrew Bynum 1534/1999
    Winnin Combo's Raptors Jalen Rose/Rafael Araujo

    Looking for base cards mostly of redwings and pistons of current roster players only, in Detroit Uniforms. Would love to trade this as a whole lot, but will consider any offers. PLease dont just send me links to Trade Lists as i dont have time to sort through them. Also have the base cards of SPx and LMK what team or player from that team you need and will ck for avalibility.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    i want this one. Deron Williams 858/1999 i have a lot of base of pistons.

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    hey i like this

    Winnin Combo's Raptors Jalen Rose/Rafael Araujo

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