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Thread: Finest mini box break. FT/FS

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    Finest mini box break. FT/FS

    Didnt hit the mojo or anything even close to it. Entire box for trade/sell.

    Draft Pick #5 Sheldon Williams Red Xfractor SOLD
    Luke Ridnour Red Xfractor #ed/139 SOLD
    Rashard Lewis Finest Fact GU #ed/1629 ???? SOLD
    Ryan Gomes Red Refractor #ed/169 SOLD
    Hakim Warrick Finest Fact #ed/1899 SOLD
    Steve Nash Red Refractor #ed/169 SOLD

    99,95,91,90,89,87,69,65,64,61,60,58,56,53,49,47,44 ,43,41,37,35,34,13,12,119,8,6,3
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    i have no idea what kind of BV to put on it. Last years #5 pick Red Xfractor books for $30. i collect Tayshaun Prince and Reggie Miller. lmk

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    I'm interested in the Williams XRC too. I dont have any decent Reggie or Prince, just base. Check my site and see if you can sue anything......cheers

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    you looking for anyone else? i have a chris paul bowman chrome or gold i would trade for it lmk thanks

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    The refractors and redemption have been sold. Only base is left.

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