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Thread: WTTF: game used

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    WTTF: game used

    looking for game used trade bait or if u have white sox even better thats what im trying 2 get in the first place post what u have and some game used i have is on my bucket...if any 1 has 2003 UD Headliners i want them

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    I have a 05 Topps Opening Day Paul Konerko jersey. Look in my photobucket under cards for trade for other game used. I have more than whats in there, but I haven't had the chance to scan them yet. let me know what you are looking for. THanks.

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    corey-interested in the konerko what u looking for
    mike-i didnt c much look in my bucket tho if u c any thing let me no im looking for trade bait so if u find sunthing that u want ill trade the same in bv for bait

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    no sorry no patterson game used and the other thing ur looking for is that a brand name of the card ?

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