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Thread: looking for patches

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    looking for patches

    i am looking for patch cards that catch my eye.if you have scans that would be great.just get me a list.if i need the patch bad enough i may be able to trade something from my NFT section of my bucket.just lmk.


  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i have a 05 absolute mem update oral hershizer super patch /25 has blue from his name or number-then jersey-then a white patch (part of his name/number)

    i dont collect anymore so this is ur lucky day,ill let it go fairly easily

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    I have 2004 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game 21st Century Chad Pennington patch 15/21

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    anthonyc:i could use that.lmk what you need from my bucket in both the FT and NFT section.

    jetsfan:sorry not buying at this time.

    midnite:dont need football sorry.

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    johnziomek:which ones are the patches?

    anthonyc:do you need anything else?

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    any interest in this:

    2004 SP Game Used Patch "Significant Numbers" Gary Sheffield #GS...2 clr Patch...#1/16...($40)

    very nice piece, blue and white, can't go wrong with anything #1 :)

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    i could use that.i dont really have anything that you need right now though unless you see anything in my bucket.

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