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Thread: Upper Deck 05-06 question

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    Question Upper Deck 05-06 question

    Can someone pls. break down what is the diff. vaule wise between the diff upper deck sets?

    SP Authentic
    Game Used


    I've been out of collecting for 10+ yrs. and all these new sets it's pretty hard to follow. I've started out buying SP Authentic because it's approx $5 a pack locally and there seems to be alot of insert options gu/auto etc...

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    I would say in this order according to highest price to lowest. Hope that helps

    Exquistie $750+ pack
    Game Used
    Sp Authentic $5+

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    I've found trilogy packs for $15 at wal-mart was basically wondering value wise what is the diff. between the card sets or does one have "better" inserts or more chances at gu/auto's then another? I understand that equisite is top of the line basically, but it's out of my price range lol.

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    The higher end has a better ratio for nicer rc/inserts/gu/auto and these cards book higher.

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    triolgy is normally $30 a pack if im not mistaken. so $15 at walmart might be a good deal.

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