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Thread: WTTF: Any #ed cards from Score

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    WTTF: Any #ed cards from Score

    Hello, I only have about 10 #ed Cards so Ill probably need whatever you have. Along with those I need the Green Glossy RC's and the following Hot Rookies: 2, 3, 5, 8, 10.

    So LMK which ones you got and what you need for them! Thanks

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    I have a Gabe Watson Scorecard 631/750, need it? I collect the guys in my sig, and brodie croyle also,lmk, thx! I also have these glossy Rc's..Whitehurst,Henderson &Watkins

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    Darell Jackson and Matt Hasselbeck "Scorecard" (both #d to 750

    I have Hot Rookie #2 (Vince Young)

    Glossy Rookies I have- Zematis, Robinson, Addai (Green Parallel), Stovall (Green parallel)

    Also have a Cutler base rookie if you're interested....

    LMK when you get the chance

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    KC: PM sent!

    Bure6: Replied to your break thread! Already have the Cutler! Thanks

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    millerfan- replied to your PM. look forward to a possible trade

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