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    does anyone here buy basecards.

    i know some people buy base cards of players so they can resell later. if you do that what are you willing to pay per card of the following players. please give me price pe rcard you are willing to pay of each player.

    mark grace
    Banks, Ernie
    Bonds, Barry
    Griffey Jr., Ken
    Jeter, Derek
    Johnson, Randy
    Jones, Andruw
    Lee, Derek
    Maddux, Greg
    Mantle, Mickey
    Martinez, Pedro
    Matsui, Hideki
    Mauer, Joe
    Prior, Mark
    Pujols, Albert
    Ramirez, Aramis
    Ramirez, Manny
    Ripken Jr., Cal
    Rodriguez, Alex
    Ryan, Nolan
    Sandberg, Ryne
    Soriano, Alfonso
    Sosa, Sammy
    Wood, Kerry
    Verlander, Justin

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    i only have like 5 total between them im more looking for someone that buys player lots to resell so they would be interested in most of the players there.

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