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    Dave And Adams

    I'm getting ready to order a bunch of the new topps football cards. Does anyone have an up to date discount code. I've been quiet the last 6 months building a new house. My old codes expired and I haven,t bought a price guide either, and they sometimes print a discount code. I did find a box of 1984 topps recently, along with some 84 baseball brands at a yard sale. I couldn't help but bust them. I got two Marinos with sharp corners and fair centering. One Elway way off centered and 4 0r 5 Eric Dickersons. I know I shouldn't have opened them but i only paid 50 bucks and was hoping to uncover a gem Marino. Oh well, I'm still pleased.

  2. Kronozio
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    im interested in the marino if you see anything... pm me thanks

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    did you pick up any 84 baseball? i would be interested in a Marino too, and any Mattingly if you picked up baseball...
    I collect: Kevin Faulk and Shane Vereen, Brady (Pats), Carmelo Anthony (Knicks); NY Yankees

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