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Thread: 05-06 Reflections

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    05-06 Reflections

    Hi Guys,
    How many different colours are there in the Reflections series? I have seen blue red and gold are there any more?
    I am trying to get all the Shaq ones.

    If someone could help it would be much appreciated.

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    it goes base, red/100, blue/50, green/25, gold/5, black/1

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    There is a purple color

    Base (RCs are /1499)
    Purple (NNO for base, /250 for RCs)
    Red (/100, Jersey /100 for RCs)
    Blue (/50, Autos /50 for RCs)
    Green (/25, Patches /25 for RCs)
    Gold (/5, Jersey Autos /5 for RCs)
    Black (/1, Patch Auto /1 for RCs)

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