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Thread: AFC EAST

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    Who do you all think takes the division. It is easily the toughest division in all of football. I say the pats. They got Ted Washington to secure the run defense. Brady is one of the best young QB's in football(cough,Vick,cough) and he has a very good recieving core to work with. Troy Brown and David Patten are both very good recievers. The three and four guys will most likley be Bethel Johnson(he is blazing fast) and Dedric Ward, who is a good vet to have on the team. The Pats have one of the best secondary's as always headed by arguabley two of the best secondary to play in the NFL ever(Ty Law and Laywer Miloy). The only weekness this team had was D-line which has been greatly improved over the offseason. The linebackers are old headed bye Teddy Bruschi and Ted Johnson. This is a team full of veterens and enough youngins to do very well this season. My prediction 11-5 SUPER BOWL CHAMPS AGAIN!!!!

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    haha... blazin.. wat u blazin on ... jk... just a littel fun... my bet is DA BILLS

    FIRST of all.. THEY have one of the BEST QB"s in the NFL at his prime age opf 31-32 and has amazing accuracy, he has great 1-2 recievers in Josh Reed and Eric Moulds.. whoever is his 3,4 reciever are are also amazing... some exapmle (clearance coleman and antonio brown AMAZING SPEED, then of course Bobby Shaw , as good or better than ward... ) so far i think the bills have the pats beat at QB and WR... NOT TO MENTION RB

    Right now the pats are still looking for a RB, they dont know if they are starting Smith or not.. while the bills have Travis Henry... who had 1,400 YARDS IN HIS SECOND SEASOn.. thats pretty nice numbers... considering the bills line wasnt the greatest... but he did have fumbling problems whcih have been fixed during camp.. now lets just hope he doesnt get hurt for 8 weeks so mcgahee can back him up, the Bills line is now more experience (prolly one of youngest in the league) Jonas Jennings im excited to see play... Mike Williams this is his second year and should be a lot better, Ruben brown what can i say always in the pro bowl

    Now for the defense... the bills might have the best DT's in the league, SAM Adams and Pat Williams.. not to mention they are cloggers wit their fatness lol... but they have speed especailly pat williams.. he can run down a guy like Ricky Williams 5 yards down feild... nnow the DE's im iffy aobut... we got schoebel who is getting better every year... but on the other sided Denney and Kelsey both still very young and yet to prove them selves

    For LB's prolly one of the best Line Backing crews in the league... whose gonna be able to shut down both TAKEO SPIKES and LONDON Fletcher... its gonna be tuff.. Jeff Posey is a great veteran to have back there also.. ANTHONY DEMEN impressed me also

    NOW FOR CB"s got to be the top Cornerback crew in the league with Clements and Winfield.. .both are very good and coverage... the bills picked up a great vetren damion sidney to fill nickel back who is about 50 x times better tahn chris watson.. for FS Preston Preilou is nice back there.. BUT FOR SS MY MAN COY WIRE KICKS BUT.. he is a great youngster has a mentality of a liune backer.. likes to kill peopel (as he did James Stewart) Im very excited as the AFC east is by far the toughest division in the league ( but weakened by the Jets... VINNY AND THE JETS LOL)

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    how can u say the bills have the best corner we have Law

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    yeah last year they didnt... but look who they goT

    pick upS!!!!

    (basically a whole new lb crew besides fletcher)
    SAM ADAMS great clogger in the middle)
    Damino Sidney (10x better a NB) before Chris WAtson really brought down the bills cb;s because they always picked on him and HE SUX

    im not making a war out of htis ... just saying my 2 cents...

    ALSO SAYING TED WASHINGTON IS gOOd.. but whose there other DT.. u have to have 2 great dts to me a succesful team

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    alright u got Spikes.....but admit it...the bills have no playoff experience....there no goin any where

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    i didnt say the best CB i said best corner backing crew... with winfield and way law is getting old (but so is winfield) clements is gonna have at least 7 picks this year ... my sya is bills biggest sleepr defense in FBL

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    yea...hes gettin old...u cant say he still doesnt have it....bills are good...but like i said...the have no playoff experience....the pats have 20 players from the 96 team and like 30 from the 01 team

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    yeah we got =waht 1 player or 2 from the 98 playoffs lol... well we'll see BILLS PATS SUNDAY (IM THERE) hey this was a fun discussion though :) i wanna hear waht a dolphins and a jets fan has to say

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