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    Just a quick vent on today's box bust

    This may be the worst of all time IMO. Would rather have a 90-91 Fleer box than this 05-06 Sweet Shot
    Ok, I have busted 3 of these so far, and they are getting worse by the box. First one had a Wooden 1/1, second one had Villanueva, and McCants Sig Shots.
    This one............not so good.
    Parallel- Billups /199
    Rookies- Bass, Maxiell, Macijauskas
    Sweet Swatches- Kidd, A.Walker
    Sig Shots- Jammal Wilkes
    No good base either, no LJ, AI, Kobe, Shaq
    only Ben Gordon and Duncan.

    I guess I'll have to change boxes and try something else.

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    Are you looking to trade those Villanueva and McCants Sig Shots?

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    wooden 1/1 sounds good. why are you complaining?

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    advan24r: The McCants is still for trade
    Calvin: I should have explained more but the other boxes I busted were a month ago. This box was today, and it may be the worst I have ever had. I've been busting a long time and have not come across a stinker like this in quite a while. Not that I can complain, was a good price $44dlvd ebay, but you get the point.

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    Eh, I guess that's not the greatest. Wilkes was a good player, but i dont think he books that well.

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    i see your point, but WOW 44dlvd for a SS box!? lowest i've paid was 70, and that was an amazing deal. now the lowest is like 100

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    I'd be interested in the wilkes auto check my bucket and what does it book?

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    Calvin: You can find Sweet Shot all day on ebay now for around 65-70. I just got very lucky finding that price........I think

    The Wilkes books $12, I'll check some sites and let everyone know if I see anything/

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