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Thread: Birthday Gifts

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    Birthday Gifts

    I had a birthday yesterday and got quite a few cards both newer (Topps, Topps Chrome) and a LOT and I mean a LOT of stuff older as well clear back to early 80's. I don't really collect cards anymore. Any ideas of what I should do with them? I thought about making a huge lot on auction if i can my digi cam.

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    if u r looking to get rid of some let me no if u have white sox

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    I had a birthday yesterday too. All I got was certificates for boxes of Bowman Chrome and Allen & Ginter which are coming out soon.
    Getting rid of a huge lot of cards is tough to do. I would get a new big Beckett and see if anything is worthy of selling on it's own. Don't sell until you know what you have. Chances are that you may have all commons.

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    i did collect in the past and they probally thought i still do, that is why i got them. most of the cards I got range from a buck to 20.00 on average. I did get a few Ripken rookie cards though.

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