Trying to get rid of all my Cowboys as a Base Lot...
65 Aikman Base including 3 Inserts

97 Playoff Zone Sharpshooters BV $10
97 Pinnacle X-Press Bombs Away BV $10
97 Skybox Impact Super Boss BV $ 9

20 Emmit Smith Base and 1 Inserts
Including a 99 Power Deck BV $6

99 Edge First Place Excalibur

10 Michael Irvin base Including

96 Upper Deck NFL All Team

Extra - Bowman Drew henson RC, Score Roy Williams rc, 05 Marion Barber rc, Press Pass Big #'s Jason Witten, Prestige Marcus Spears rc, also some Base

00 Fleer Greats of thr Game Retrospection Collection BV $3

and 2 Terry Glenn Parallels (Onlything is they are in patriot Uniform)

99 Edge Supreme Galvanized #'d 185/500
00 Donruss Career Stat Line #'d 80/86

Let me know if interested