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    starting roy williams(ss) collection need everything

    i am starting a roy williams (cowboys) collection i need everything including base I REALLY NEED ANY OF HIS AUTOS,ROOKIES,G/U inserts anything lmk what you have and i will give you an offer thanks

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    hey, have a 2002 spx roy willaims jsy auto rc/999, plmk if you need that, thanks.
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    ya really need that check my site will trade anything for it

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    hey, didnt really see anything for it, thanks though.
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    well im getting some cards in the mail soon so i will send you a pm to see if there is anything you want in those when i get them because i really need that card thanks

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    cowboysfan#1 please control your thread bumping to 2 bumps per day.Morning and afternoon would be great..

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