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    Insert City!

    Looking to trade these for #ed/iverson/refractors so lmk thanks!

    Jason Kidd 97-98 UD Teammates
    Jason Kidd 97-98 UD Star Attractions
    Jason Kidd 96-97 Metal Cyber-Metal
    Jason Kidd 00-01 UD Total Dominance
    Jason Kidd 99-00 Topps Highlight Reels
    Jason Kidd 00-01 Topps Rise To Stardom
    Antawan Jamison 99-00 UD HoloGrFx AuSome
    Shaquille O'neal 97-98 Ultra Neat Feats
    Shaquille O'neal 02-03 Authentix Hometown Heroes
    Shaquille O'neal 02-03 UD MVP Moments
    Shaquille O'neal 02-03 UD I Love LA LA11
    Shaquille O'neal 99-00 UD Ovation Curtain Call
    Shaquille O'neal 02-03 Fleer Traditon Fleer All-Stars
    Shaquille O'neal 00-01 Stadium Club Chrome True Colors
    Shaquille O'neal 95-96 Fleer Total "O"
    Shaquille O'neal 02-03 Topps Verticality
    Ray Allen 98-99 UD Collectors Choice Starquest
    Ray Allen 97-98 Ultra Ultrabilities
    Ray Allen 00-01 UD Encore Future Charge
    Shawn Marion 00-01 UD Rookie Illustrated
    Shawn Marion 99-00 Metal Platiunm Portraits
    Pau Gasol 02-03 Fleer Traditon Fleer All-Stars
    Pau Gasol 02-03 Ultra Photo Effex
    Peja Stojakovic 03-04 UD Star Imports
    Darius Miles 02-03 UD Air Acandemy
    Darius Miles 02-03 Topps Verticality
    Michael Finley 03-04 UD Game Night
    Marcus Camby 97-98 Hoops Rookie Headlines
    Gary Payton 00-01 UD Gold Reserve Gold Mine
    Karl Malone 00-01 Fleer Traditon Glossy Hardwood Leaders
    Karl Malone 01-02 UD MVP Watch
    Scottie Pippen 97-98 Topps 40
    Scottie Pippen 95-96 Ultra Double Trouble
    Scottie Pippen 98-99 Skybox Thunder Bringin' It
    Scottie Pippen 94-95 Ultra Double Trouble
    Elgin Baylor 99-00 Topps Classic Collection
    Elton Brand 00-01 UD Ovation Lead Performers
    Elton Brand 02-03 UD Motion Pictures
    Elton Brand 00-01 Fleer Tradition Courting History
    Elton Brand 01-02 Stadium Club Caputre The Action
    Wally Szczerbiak 00-01 UD MVP Electrifying
    Marcus Fizer 00-01 Fleer Tradtion Glossy Rookie Sensations
    Marcus Fizer 00-01 Fleer Futures Question Air
    Grant Hill 98-99 UD Superstars Of The Court
    Grant Hill 01-02 Fleer Maximum Floor Score
    Grant Hill 00-01 Fleer Tradition Sharp Shooters
    Grant Hill 97-98 Topps 40
    Grant Hill 04-05 Topps All-Star Attitude
    Jason Williams 00-01 Fleer Traditon Hardcourt Classics
    Jason Williams 01-02 Topps Lottery Legends
    Tim Duncan 00-01 Fleer Tradition Sharp Shooters
    Jerry Stackhouse 97-98 Hoops Frequent Flyers
    Lamar Odom 00-01 UD Graphic Jam
    Lamar Odom 00-01 UD Total Dominance
    Lamar Odom 00-01 UD True Talents
    Drew Gooden 02-03 Fleer Hot Shots RC
    Dirk Nowitzki 02-03 UD New Wave
    Kevin Garnett 02-03 UD MVP Rise To The Ocassion
    Kevin Garnett 97-98 UD Teammates
    Kevin Garnett 01-02 UD Class
    Steve Francis 00-01 Ultra 2 Ball
    Tim Hardaway 98-99 Hoops Shout Outs
    Shawn Kemp 97-98 UD Collectors Choice Starquest (4 Star)
    Robert Parrish 04-05 Skybox L.E. Legends Of The Draft
    Udonis Haslem 03-04 Fleer Patchworks Courting Greatness

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