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Thread: which would you rather do?

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    Question which would you rather do?

    would everyone rather open up packs and get a thrill or just buy the cards they want?

  2. Kronozio
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    I like opening packs but its so much more cost efficient to just buy what you like, thats why I usually just buy some cheap packs every now and then, but usuallt jus buy on ebay and here.

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    ya i like the buy the players i collect. but its just so much fun opening packs. escept when i pay $100 and get 1 jersey card lol

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    I love opening packs but if I'm looking for a nice card I'm not going to open packs to get it. I'll look to buy or trade for it.

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    I love the smell of freshly opened chrome packs in the morning.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GBizzle
    packs = sports crack
    lol thats true iam addictided i will buy hockeyfrom 1997 just to get the chance to open packs........

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