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    06 Classics Erik Meyer Auto
    06 Classics Ingle Martin Auto
    06 Classics Wendell Mathis Auto
    06 Classics Tye Hill Auto
    06 Press Pass Drew Olsen Auto/200
    06 Press Pass Chad Greenway Auto
    06 Press Pass Charlie Whitehurst Inscriptions Auto/25 "Go Tigers"
    05 Contenders Round Numbers Auto Reggie Brown/Vincent Jackson/50
    05 Contenders Damien Nash Auto
    05 Contenders Tyson Thompson Auto
    05 Contenders Odell Thurman Auto
    05 Topps Kevin Garrett Auto
    05 Topps Darnerian McCants Auto

    Non Auto
    05 Elite Travis Johnson 1/1 RC

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    i like your reggie wayne g/u i have a 2005 kyle orton bazooka rookie premier jersey and i could throw in a rookie or two with it lmk thanks

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