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Thread: Buying... Post your stuff!

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    Exclamation Buying... Post your stuff!


    Got some deals done. Don't need anymore at the moment.

    Thanks everyone!
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  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I am willing to negotiate within a FEW dollars if you buy a lot.

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    Tons more jsut let me know.

    40 Kobe Bryant Base and Inserts. Let me know if your interested in him.

    88-89 Hoops David Robinson
    96-97 Ultra Kobe Bryant
    96-97 Ultra Steve Nash
    96-97 Topps Kobe Bryant
    96-97 Bowman Best Kobe Bryant
    92-93 Shaq Topps
    92-93 Shaq Stadium Club
    96-97 Kobe Bryant Stadium Club 1 and 2
    03-04 Topps Carmello Anthony
    92-93 Shaq Upper Deck
    88-89 Fleer Horace Grant
    03-04 Topps Chrome Chris Bosh
    03-04 Ultra Lucky 13 Chris Bosh
    03-04 Bowman Chrome Kyle Korver
    99-00 Larmar Odom Gold Label
    05-06 Bowman Gold Jarret Jack
    98-99 Gold Label Dirk Nowitzki
    04-05 Upper Deck Rookie Scrapbook Jamer Nelson
    04-05 Fleer tradtion Ben Gordon
    04-05 Upper Deck R Class Ben Gordon
    04-05 Fleer Tradition Emeka Okafor
    04-05 upper Deck R Class Loul Deng
    04-05 Upper Deck R Class Josh Childress
    04-05 Topps Jameer Nelson
    04-05 Topps Shaun Livingston
    04-05 Topps Devin Harris
    04-05 Upper Deck R Class Delonte West
    04-05 Upper Deck Rookie Scrapbook Ben Gordon
    04-05 upper Deck tony Allen
    02-03 Topps Chrome Reggie Evans
    03-04 Victory Nick Collision
    03-04 Victory Kirk Hinrich
    00-01 Kawme Brown Upper Deck MVp
    97-98 Topps Tim Duncan
    01-02 Topps Heritage Gilbert Arenas
    01-02 Topps Heritage Tony Parker
    05-06 Bowman Chrome Jarret Jack
    05-06 Bowman Gold Wayne Simien
    05-06 Upper Deck Slam Hakeem Warrick
    96-97 Kobe Bryant Hoops
    05-06 Upper Deck salim Stodamire
    03-04 Bowman Luke Walton
    96-97 skybox Premium Jermaine O'Neal
    96-97 Collectors choice Steve Nash
    94-95 Ultra Jason Kidd
    94-95 Topps Jason Kidd
    92-93 FLeer Shaquille O'Neal
    92-93 Fleer Alonzo Mourning Gone
    92-93 Fleer Latrell Sprewell
    05-06 Bowman Chrome Julius Hodge
    03-04 Black Diamond Kyle Korver
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Travis Deiener
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Martell Webster
    05-06 Topps Pristine Nate Robinson
    05-06 topps Chrome Channing frye
    05-06 Upper Deck Luther Head
    05-06 Topps Luther Head
    05-06 UD Reflections Sean May
    97-98 Tracey McGradey Hoops
    04-05 Upper Deck R Class Devin Harris
    04-05 Upper Deck R Class Chris Duhon
    04-05 topps Josh Smith
    04-05 Topps Josh Childress
    96-97 skybox z force kobe bryant
    05-06 topps chrome nate robinson
    05-06 ud reflections andrew bynum
    05-06 topps raymond felton
    05-06 topps daniel ewing
    05-06 topps deron williams
    05-06 topps andrew bynum
    05-06 bowman charlie villuenva
    05-06 topps gerald green
    05-06 topps luther head
    05-06 Bowman Gold Hakim Warrick
    05-06 Bowman Gold Travis Diener
    05-06 UD Reflections Ryan Gomes
    05-06 UD Reflections Robert Whaley
    05-06 Bowman C.J. Miles

    91-92 Fleer RC's all of them

    03-04 Topps Chrome Refractors Luke Walton
    03-04 Topps Chrome Refractor Brian Cook

    GU or Patches or Autos

    03-04 Upper Deck Rookie Exclusives Chris Bosh GU
    01-02 Upper Deck Encore Kobe Bryant GU
    05-06 Topps Luxury Box Bruce Bowen GU
    05-06 Topps luxury Box dirk Nowitzki One man Show Gu
    96-97 Skybox Autographics J.R. Reid Auto
    Chris Duhon Sage 2004 Gold Auto
    04-05 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Lebron James
    00-01 Kobe Bryant Upper Deck Encore NBA Warm Up
    05-06 Upper Deck All TIme Authentics Bill Walton GU
    04-05 Topps Contemprary Collection Bosh/Peterson /#250
    03-04 Topps Matrix Shawn Marion GU
    03-04 SP Grant Hill GU Authentic Fabrics
    04-05 Diamond Collection Derek Fisher GU
    04-05 UD Hardcourt Materials Lamar Odom GU
    04-05 Topps Amare Stodemire GU
    05-06 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Dirk Nowitzki
    04-05 Hoops Supreme Court Carmello Anthony
    04-05 Hoops Supreme Court Kevin Garnett
    03-04 SP Grant Hill Authentic Fabrics
    03-04 Topps Boozka Dahntay Jones Gu
    03-04 SPX winning materials Chris Webber gu
    05-06 Rookie Debut Chris Bosh GU
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Review Josh Smith
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Review Kris Humphries.
    03-04 Topps Boozka Duntay Jones gu
    00-01 Upper Deck superstar warmup John Stockton
    02-03 Upper Deck Black Diamond Kenyon Matin /#250
    01-02 Upper Deck All time Authentics John Stockton
    02-03 Upper Deck UD Game Jeresey Combo Battier/Gasol
    02-03 SPx winning Materials Chris Webber
    05-06 Upper Deck Slam Dunk Swatches Devan George
    05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Review Materials Dorell Wright
    05-06 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey Antonio Davis

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    Check my bucket and see if you need anything. Thanks!

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    check my tradelist pal............................

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    advan - didnt see anything, thanks anyway

    softaballa- i am interested in all of that stuff if u can sell for real cheap, let me know ideas of prices. thanks.

    timpatten - how much for the baron auto?

    dwadefan - didnt really see anything, thanks

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    pujolsmaniac - i already told u that all i saw was the dunn and i already have it, thanks anyway

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    the skys the limit. the more you buy the more the cheaper it would be. I dont really want to put a price on every card until I know what you really want out of the cards.

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