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    ok, at the start of the week i posted asking about, well I need some help again. First ill give you some background on what is going on I ordered a bunch of stuff from them on the 11th of July. After 2 weeks I emailed them and said ? where is it and no awnser but 2 hours after I emailed them they changed the order status to shipped so I said alright cool they are on the way, they said it would be 10 days max, 10 days was tuesday so i emailed them and no awnser so I called. The lady says oh sorry it was dropshipped from our wholesaler and they sent it to us by accident but it will be at their place mon-tues then they will mail it to me. So i said nope, refund please and she said well you probably don't want to do that because it will take 12-15 business days to get you a refund and by then your cards would be to you. To me that seems like BS. Is their anything I can do because I am sick of waiting and I just wanna take my money somewhere else. thanks for the long read, some help would be awesome

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    I've ordered from when it was, and it usually does take longer than it should to get your boxes, but you will get them. If I were you, I would wait for the boxes.

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    Contact the Better Business Bureau and ask them if there's anything they can do.

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    scw sucks!!!!!

    ive ordered from them before and the first transaction was flawless, but i ordered a second time (4 boxes) and 2 of the boxes i ordered were on back order (did not say they were on back order) and when those 2 were in stock the other 2 boxes i ordered were on back order. i waited about two and a half months before i received them and i received a retail box when i had proof that i ordered a hobby box. i called and talked to Brooke and she told me that what i received is what i ordered and pretty much hung up on me. terrible customer service!!!!!! i called back and asked for a refund or exchange and we agreed upon a refund. had to call back weeks later to talk to a different woman to complete the refund!!!! i have a friend of mine that ordered from there also in september of 05. he payed and waited months with no boxes in return, he asked for a refund and just received it about 3 weeks ago.

    i found another website that i would tell anyone to go to and that is:

    great customer service and lightning fast shipping. some boxes and cases are even cheaper than scw. they also accept paypal.

    i would suggest TRYING to get a refund.
    hope this helps you

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