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Thread: Target MOJO!! WOW

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    Target MOJO!! WOW

    i bought a target box with 2 random packs of 05-06 sp authentic basketball
    for $19.99 and here is what i got:

    1st pack- nothin
    2nd pack- MOJOJOJO lebron james warm up jersey/auto 2/100!! bv $400

    this is a pull of a lifetime for me!!! if you have a card to offer, go for it. i dont really wana trade it but if you wana try to get it just make me an offer. i dont wana look at sites or lists. thanks

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    That's so awesome. Congratz man. If it were me, though, It'd go on ebay so I could diversify my bonds lol, Chappelle show reference.

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    LOL, he just said he doesnt want to look at sites. Are you illiterate?

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    Amazing pull!

    My best pull from target was a Byron Leftwhich GU booking for $25!

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    my bad nene??Why u so rude??Ok so here is some cards i have that u may be interested in

    Wade auto
    Gervin auto
    Bron auto
    Vince auto
    Okafor auto

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    LOL, sry, I just found it amusing that the one thing he said he wasnt doing was the jist of your post!!

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    nice best pull from target was a Lebron James UD Glass RC #ED BV$300 and sold it for $350 on ebay.

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