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    Selling These Autos/GU For $1 Each!

    All Cards Are Sold, Thanks To Everyone Who Made A Purchase!
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    i could use the hammock auto.

    do you accept paypal?

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    plymouth rock-hey, yea i accept paypal, that would be $1.50, plmk, thanks.
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    ok i will try to get the $$ to you tonight but if not tomorrow.

    should i post the trade?also pm me your paypal addy.


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    plymouth rock-hey, pm sent, thanks!
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    2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Player Collection 14 Pat Burrell Bat/100
    2005 Timeless Treasures Rookie Year Materials Year 30 Hideo Nomo Jsy/100
    2002 Donruss Rookies Autographs 19 John Ennis/100
    TRADING FOR (1) GREG MADDUX (2) HOF GU/AUTOS (3) 2006-2015 A&G RELICS (4) 2008 UD HEROES #D

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    akamikey2001-hey, the total is $3.50, plmk if that's ok with you and i'll post the trade, thanks for the interest!
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    And I'll take whatever's not been reserved yet. Will pay through Paypal as soon as you know what is still left. Feel free to set it up whenever pending deals are resolved.


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    kunox04-hey, thanks for letting me set up the other deals, here's what's remaining:
    2003 Donruss Elite Recollection Autographs 51 Ricardo Rodriguez/75
    2003 SP Authentic Chirography Young Stars DI1 Ben Diggins/350
    2003 Topps Blue Chips Autographs CN Clint Nageotte
    2004 Playoff Honors Signature Bronze 185 Chad Gaudin/100
    2005 Leaf Gold Rookies Autograph 2 Don Kelly

    your total is $5.50, plmk if that's ok with you, thanks.
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