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    looking for star/semistar base from 00-present

    i am looking for star/semistar base from 2000 to present.just lmk what you have around numberwise and what youd need in return for them.also i am not buying at the moment.

    also my pm box is always open.

    thanks for looking!

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    How much BV in star base would you need for the Shields auto and the Huff GU PLMK Jerry

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    cardboard:i beleive they book $15 together.i really dont like to trade GU without getting one in return.could you do a small GU/Auto w/some star/semistar base for those 2?

    national:sure what do you need?

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    sorry no one in your sig.

    it would depend on which GU/Auto you need.lmk what you need.

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    i could give you the laird GU,giles GU,and a hinske dual GU not listed in my bucket.

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    i could swing something where i send you 500 and you send me as much as you think is fair in game used and autos

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