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    Last Chance! Running Out Of Time.

    Please look and bid on my whole collection of cards.

    What do you think I'll get for these?

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    Not sure, but a few of those deserved their own auction.

    Maybe it'll work out better 1 set of fee's, 1 ship & done...Good Luck.

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    Yeah I wasn't really sure how to set it up. I might cancel the listing and either keep them or sell individually. LMK,

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    bro, you should take out that lebron auto and sell it individually. my .02

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    Hey I let it finish out. Ended at $2,849.99 which I think is a great price. What do you think?

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    Like I said earlier....As long as you get timely payment, etc.
    1 deal & done is worth some cash.

    Good price imo.

    EDIT: Just wondered, Did you have a total BV? Interested in the % you realized. Thanks

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