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Thread: Finest Break FT/FS

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    Finest Break FT/FS

    Here's my break How did I do?!?

    Draft Redemptions
    #4 Tyrus Thomas GOLD Refractor
    #18 Olexsiy Pecherov RED Xfractor
    #21 Rajon Rondo GREEN Refractor

    Finest Fact Inserts
    Seam May /1899
    Tim Duncan /1899
    Shaquille O'Neal /1899

    #'ed Cards
    Ike Diogu /599 RC
    Jalen Rose /249
    Andrew Bynum /249 RC
    Mehmet Okur /229
    Marcus Camby /169
    T.J Ford /139
    Peja Stojakovic /89

    Finest Fact GU
    Elton Brand /1629
    Rasheed Wallace /1629

    Orien Greene /99

    Box Topper
    Allen Iverson Finest Moments /399

    Dose anyone know what the Draft Redemptions are #'ed to? Also how much do you think the Lebron would go for on Ebay

    Looking for Adam Morrison!

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    I really lie the Rondo and the Thomas redemptions.

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    check my site for the Rondo (since I am really close to where he played in college), and did you get any KG or Bron base? PLMK. Thanks!

    Awesome break BTW on the Redemptions and the LeBron /19!
    Go Grizzlies and Go Pacers!

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    check my site for the thomas redemption.. lmk

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