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Thread: 06 Press Pass Legends Autos

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    06 Press Pass Legends Autos

    Was interested in possibly completing the set of these this year - Was wondering if you guys think they will have good value - and also if you have any for trade or something, please LMK as I might be persuing this set. I think there are 80 cards in that set so it will take me some time I think

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    well for starters i have two! MAtthias kiwanaka and johnny lattener...i think it will be very valuable id say

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    What would you want for the Matthias Kiwanaka? The Lattener I have gotten off the bay. Just let me know if there is any football that you collect. Thanks

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    i dont collect so much football...i would like 2006 rookies...jay cutler, reggie bush, matt leinhart, vince young...those types...i can also sell

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    2006 Ultra Kellen Clemens #240
    2006 Playoff Prestige Draft Picks #DP-8 Demetrius Williams
    2006 Playoff Prestige #227 Michael Robinson Xtra Points
    2006 Topps DP&P Chrome Parallel #127 Brodie Croyle
    2006 Press Pass SE Gold #G3 Reggie Bush
    2006 Press Big Numbers #BN16 A.J. Hawk

    Have those along with a few other Xtra Points from Prestige.

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    i like this!...could you add some cash? do you have some baseball? any autos?

    2006 Press Pass SE Gold #G3 Reggie Bush

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    I have a Rafael Furcal 1999 Just Imagine Autograph BV $12 - so thats a total of $24 right there. Dont really have much more Baseball except maybe some inserts and stuff.

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