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    Exclamation 2006 Football Rookies All For Your Rookie!!!!

    I have opened at least one box of every football product that has come out this year. I have WAY too many Rookies to list, so please just let me know what 2006 Football RC you are after and I will let you know what I got. I am looking to SELL these, but would consider a trade for Albert Pujols cards.



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    sportydude--I have about 20+ deangelo williams cards....however, unless you have Albert Pujols or Reggie Bush cards I am really only selling.

    LMK if interested and I will get you a list

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    Do you have any Classics saints? Also im interested in the Bush hot rookie in your photobucket. what are you selling it for?

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    lzuperku--All i have are RCs, no base cards.....also I am collecting Reggie Bush, for now, so the AUTO is not for sale....

    Just looking to move all the RCs I have except for Reggie Bush


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    do you have any Sinorice moss and if so which ones?

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    arkaneinc--You got some Moss's from me already I think...but here is what I have left

    Playoff Prestige
    (2) Topps
    Ultra Head of the Class


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    Stilll Got Those Julius Jones cards??I Have Some Nice Puljos.LMK Me Thanks

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    Got to go, will be back later.....

    Will respond to all posts then.


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    baller4life--No thanks, you were supposed to send $1 for the elite zoning commissions, and I never got that, and you have asked me like 4 times for the other one and never responded...

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