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Thread: Box questions

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    Box questions

    Alright i was wondering, did u guys think the 2005 bowman chrome was any good? If so who should i buy it from on ebay? Also what do u all think the best box to buy for 2005?

  2. Kronozio
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    I loved opening Zenith last year b/c of all the inserts/GU you could pull. My first box was awesome w/ an incredible 3 color Tomlinson patch card. However some boxes were duds (my second included). I did not enjoy Bowman Chrome too much but I am not much a rookie collector and that seems to be Bowmans selling point. Zenith has gone up a bit recently though, I bought my last box for $58, now they seem to be about $80 or so. Throwback Threads was ok, lots of inserts but the GU/Autos were usually semi-stars and lower.

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