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Thread: Let's trade

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    Let's trade

    Anyone looking to trade check out my site and lmk what you like. I am looking for cards in my signature and jets cards

    Here's my site
    Josh's Cards


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    hey. I like these:
    2002 Playoff Honors O's Julius Peppers #/25
    and 2002 SPx Winning Materials Josh Reed
    and this 2002 UD Glory Bound Josh Reed. I want the Reed's the most. I don't have much football but like the Buffalo Bills. I would really like a Reed or any bills gameused. All I have is a 2001 Private Stock Dameyune Craig jersey.LMK what you can do.Thanks

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    Sorry hairston the only thing I liked was the byrnes and you all ready sold that.


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    Hey Josh,

    I like the 2001 Vick Win. Materials #'d/750, Give ya' these
    for it.

    2002 Fleer Mini Portis RC #'d 54/125 $50.00
    2002 Fleer Maximum Portis RC #'d 3067/3500 $15.00
    2002 SP Authentic Triple Threads Portis/Lewis/S.Moss
    #'d 167/250 $50.00
    PLMK if interested.


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    I would like to trade it but I want game used or autos for it. Please list what you have to trade.


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