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    Have You Busted Any 05-06 Finest?

    I decided today, that after buying 6 boxes of Finest, I am going for the set, including the auto'd RCs. If you have anything from 05-06 Finest, let me know. I am pretty confident that I have the entire base set, but the RCs is where I need some help.

    Base RCs (I have)
    Channing Frye
    Ike Diogu
    Salim Stoudamire
    Jarrett Jack
    Joey Graham
    Nate Robinson
    I need the other 19

    Auto'd RCs (I have)
    Deron Williams

    I am only looking for the blue cards here. I am very willing to trade my parallels for any cards that I need. If I do not respond back to you with a post, please leave me a PM. If you have something I need, I WILL get back to you. Thanks again to anyone that helps!

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    i already got your tayshaun princes. do you have any marvin williams or shaun livingston

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    I collect Marvin, and I dont have a whole lot of livingston

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    Ive got David Lee's base auto rookie if you are interested.

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    i got the sarunas auto base rookie, looking for jj redick if you got any more.
    i also have the daniel ewing base rc.

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