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Thread: Where can I buy....

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    Where can I buy....

    06 Playoff Prestige retail boxes?

    Someone please help me here.

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    ebay is the best place for them but you can also try target or walmart

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    I think the retail boxes have the autos. I busted 5 boxes of hobby and not a single auto in any of them.

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    they go for $20 get it at target or walmart be cheaper then getting on ebay b/c of shipping.

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    i cant find them any at my target/walmart.....want a box of these bad boys so bad haha. dont really want to pay $6+ on the bay for shipping (although i may have too). Would anybody here (not sure if this is allowed) be willing to go buy a retail box for $19.99 in exchange for any of my cards (or the cash itself)....LMK

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