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    im not sure where im supposed to do this..

    i just saw this on ebay.. and if anyone were to help me out and try to win i have this waiting for them

    2005 donruss elite cadillac williams status red 19/24 $150

  2. Kronozio
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    u mean if we got that off ebay and sold it to u for the price we paid u d give us the cadillac.if so how much are u willing to go.lmk

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    he means if you buy it he will trade you the cadillac i think

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    well i was actually thinking if you got it i would trade it to you for the benson... but i could also buy it from you for more then you got it.. not sure i would buy it from you and then give you the williams but lmk.. if your interested in doing either...

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    did you get banned from ebay or something....this situation seems weird?!!?

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    lol i know it seems weird.. but ive never been on ebay or however you want to say it... i just dont have paypal and my parents never liked the idea of ebay? but w/e

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    lol wow, i just checked the price of the benson... and its only $60.... kind of a mistake wish i woulda looked at that first... but i would be willing to negotiate anything and lmk if you can help thanks

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