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Thread: Need a guide for card selling

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    Need a guide for card selling

    This is for the people who either do box breaks to gain profit by selling on ebay or for the ones who just buy low and sell high...

    I've recently been getting into the sports card scene again because of how valuable and popular the new cards have gotten. I've been buying a lot of single football cards on ebay lately, hoping to make a profit when football season starts and the players do well. Are there any guides that show you when to buy/sell a card and how to predict which ones will get you the most money?
    For example, I've heard that Greg Jones is going to do pretty hot this season, and many people have been buying his cards hoping that when he does well, they will sell the cards for a large profit.

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    Dont think theres a such guide. Its all intuition. Buy players who have room to grow in value, and wait. For Example, I have a Kellen Winslow Sp Authentic Auto patch. Its gone down in value the past 2 years since he was hurt, but hes doing EXTREMELY well in Camp this year, and is poised for a breakout season. So once season starts (Pending he doesnt get hurt for the 3rd time) Ill sell it.

    Box breaks Seldomly yield profit. Buying and reselling whole boxes I suppose can yield a bit of $$$. The Best bet is buying Large Jersey / Auto lots on Ebay cheap (averaging out to about $1 - $2 per auto / game used) and trying to resell. Theres not THAT much money to be made unless you find some super rare card in a collectors hands who knows absolutely nothing, and you get it cheap.

    Hopefully I was of help.

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    Great info; it definitely helped.
    So I guess there's not much money to be made? How much of a difference is there in a card's value offseason vs. inseason? I know it depends a lot on the player's performance, but relatively it's true that the card will increase value during season right?

    edit: so are you going to your kellen winslow right when season starts or wait until the browns peak and win more games?

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    you need to follow your sport like one follows the stock market. There is no guide to show anyone when a card is selling is good or not. Only thing is to use eBay completed sales of the card you are selling/buying to get an idea of what it is selling for. Not always accurate either. Most on eBay buy cards because they`re collectors of that specific team/player. It`s natural for football to sell better when the season is approaching or just starting. Doesn`t really mean a card will sell for more though. Just play this hobby like the stock market regardless of sport. We sports fans know when a player is hot or not. It`s pretty tough though to make $ in this hobby. Once a player gets hot, eBay gets flooded with that player and the value drops considerably. The sales don`t tail off much, just the value goes down a bit since there are so many listed. To maximize your profits, stay on top of the game and be one of the first to list a hot player.

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    also which team a player plays for will affect what market your player will be in.... For example in football theres a TON more steelers fan than Texans fan..

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    so would you guys sell early in the season when the player is already doing well or wait it out and hope the team gets into the playoffs and the player does even better?

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    well if dealing with rookies with HUGE HYPE (reggie bush,Vince Young,Matt Leinert) SELL NOW.... if not wait it out and see how they do they have 1 good week and then u sell

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    Buy lots from case busters- BASEBALL. Speculate on maybe 10 guys and limit to 2 pitchers. Look at early indicators on E-Bay (what closed high) and snap up cheaper B-I-N's... You don't often LOSE, but it's kind of a low-risk/low-reward, unless you have patience. If you don't sell ANYTHING until you're certain your FIRST sale covers all your buys, you're GOLDEN!

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    What are some football players you guys are currently investing in? I just want some ideas :)

    So far I've got..Kevin Jones, Steven Jackson, Greg Jones, and Ronnie Brown. How good are they to buy at this time and sell in like 2 months or so?

    btw is my sig ok?

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    Ronnie looks like a good one since there's no more Ricky eating up half his carries and there's actually a pass threat in the offense now. Ditto w/ Steven Jackson (no Faulk and a professed commitment to run). But these are by no means home run type investments since they are already top-tier $-wise and popularity-wise. I'd look more at Troy Williamson. He may be the only viable Vikings offensive threat this year- losses of Culpepper Bennett Moe Burleson- and Troy is in the top 3 fastest players in the league. Also, Aaron Brooks is on a team now w/ Randy Moss, Art Shell for a coach... I really think he'll take a big leap in $ quickly.

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