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    Trading Baseball for Basketball

    Want to spruce up my basketball.

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    just hit another john stockton jersey, and a shraef abdur rahim jersey yesterday. lmk if interested. i like the dunn and the sexson 1/1 and maybe that michigan helmet,hat auto.

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    i saw a few items i can use from your photobucket. the mattingly, griffey, bench, and jeter. lmk if you can use anything here. thanks greg (forallsports)

    CLACK KRIS 99 sage autograph A13 48/50
    DOUTHIT MARCUS 04 sage hit autograph A20
    JOHNSON DEMARCO 98 sp authentic autograph DJ

    CHALMERS LIONEL 04-05 fleer tradition rookie throwback threads TT-LC
    DUNCAN TIM 04-05 espn sportscenter swatches E SCS-TD
    HOUSTON ALLAN 03-04 ultra roundball game worn jersey D-AH
    JAMISON ANTAWN 99-00 EDGE authentic game ball GG3
    JARIC MARKO 04-05 topps chrome slice of success game worn warm ups SS-MJ 832/1000
    MARBURY STEPHON 02-03 topps tx future features game worn jersey FF-SM
    MILES DARIUS 01-02 ud hardcourt game floor DA
    MOBLEY CUTTINO 03-04 pristine gems game worn warm up GEM-CM
    OLOWOKANDI MICHAEL 02-03 topps pristine portions game worn shorts PPO-MO
    OUTLAW TRAVIS 03-04 ud honor roll future honors 125 game worn jersey 256/499
    RICHARDSON JASON 02-03 ud finite elements game worn jersey JR-J
    RUSH KAREEM 03-04 black diamond single diamond jersey BD-KR
    RUSH KAREEM 04-05 topps chrome slice of success game worn shorts SS-KR 203/500
    STOJAKOVIC PEJA 04-05 skybox l.e. L.E.gends of the draft game worn jersey LD-PS #19/96
    STOJAKOVIC PEJA 03-04 fleer showcase basketballs best game worn jersey BB-PS
    STOJAKOVIC PEJA 03-04 topps chrome game time gear game worn jersey GGR-PS
    STOJAKOVIC PEJA 04-05 ud hardcourt players materials jersey HM-PS
    STOJAKOVIC PEJA 04-05 ud hardcourt materials court HCM-PS
    WEBBER CHRIS 02-03 fleer box score dish & swish game worn pants
    WEBBER CHRIS 02-03 fleer tradition school ties warm up pants webber/howard/rose
    WEBBER CHRIS 03-04 e-x net assets game worn jersey CW-NAJ
    WEBBER CHRIS 03-04 topps chrome bonus coverage game worn jersey BCR-CW
    WEBBER CHRIS 02-03 topps chrome franchise fabrics game used game worn pants FF-CW
    WEBBER CHRIS 01-02 topps pristine slice of a star all star game warm up S-CW
    WEBBER CHRIS 02-03 black diamond single diamond jersey BD-WE
    WEBBER CHRIS 02-03 topps pristine pristine portions game worn warm up PPO-CW
    WEST DAVID 03-04 fleer tradition throwback threads event worn jersey TT-DW

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