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    Price help needed on 87 fleer box

    Hey guys, I need some help. I am wondering if anybody knows what the book value is on a complete box of 1987 fleer basketball. (Jordan second year). I think Tuff Stuff used to give the values of boxes, but I have not looked at a Tuff Stuff in years. Any ideas? I am going to try and sell the box on ebay and want to be able to let people know the book value.

    Thanks, Jason

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    did a little resaerch myself, and found only a few boxes for sale on the web. One for $1750 on and another for $1300 on some antique website. So I put it up for sale on the bay with a reasonable reserve of $800. We will see what happens!

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    I looked it up on Tuff Stuff. A wax box from 87-88 lists for $1100.
    - Andy

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