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Thread: Terry Bradshaw Rookie Card

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    Terry Bradshaw Rookie Card

    This card is graded a BVG 5 whitch is listed as being Excellent-
    Im looking to TRADE/SELL this card-If trading-im ONLY looking for Albert Pujols RC-As far as in selling-Just make me a offer-Im a little dissapointed seeing this come back as being only a 5
    I thought it would be at least a 7 but then again-im not the grader-I really wish that with the vintage cards-That Beckett would include the subgrades-Because besides a couple light corners-I thought this looked really good

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i'm interested depending on what you want for it.

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    Bradshaw RC

    I listed as to what cards i wanted-If offering cash-Then just make me a offer-Ide accept autographed baseball star cards-or of vintage baseball star cards that are autoed or game used-So just make me a offer-There has only been a couple replys-So its not like theres a ton of people after this card

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    at that grade, what does it book for? what is the book value ungraded?
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    Un-graded-it books for $200.00

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    i don't want to low ball an offer, so maybe you could let me know what you would let it go for, and i'll see if it's something i can do. i have a bradshaw rc, but yours is a little nicer.

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    As i said-Make me a offer-If iyou havent any cards im looking for-Then how about anything elese-Because i do collect coins-

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