I am looking for Urlacher/Walter Payton/Brady/ and anything that catches my eye. So lets look at some trade pages. If you can't find anything here i have TONS TONS TONS of more stuff on my website. Also taking sell offers.

Torry Holt-05 Absolute Star Gazing Jersey(blue/white/gold (28/150) hard to get

Ahamn Green-05 Absolute Tools of the Trade Jersey/Pants 48/100

Marvin Harrison-05 Leaf Rookies Stars Longevity Jersey 33/99

Jerry Rice-05 Reflections Fabric Reflections Jersey

Steve McNair-05 Reflections Fabric Reflections Jersey

Eric Moulds-05 Ultra All ultra team jersey

Bryon Leftwich-05 UD Kickoff Jersey

Matt Jones-05 UD Legends Jersey

Kendral Bell-03 UD Honor Roll Deans List Jersey

Peyton Manning-02 Score QBC Materials-Graded untouched $40.00

Jim Kelly-02 Score QBC Materials-Graded Untouched

Peter Warrick-02 Fleer Maximum Dressed to Thrill Jersey (black/orange)

Drew Bledsoe-02 Pacific Jersey

Eddie Berlin-02 Private Stock Jersey (Titans LOGO SWEET!!!! 27/164

Kevin Kasper-02 Private Stock Jersey (blue/white)

Anthony Thomas-02 Upper Deck Ground Shakers Jersey

Thurman Thomas -01 Crown Royale Game Worn Jersey 3/276 Dolphins Jersey

Anthony Thomas-01 Fleer Hot Prospects RC Premiere Post Marks Jersey (1843/185)

David Terrell-01 Fleer Hot Prospects RC Premiere Post Marks Jersey (801/1825)

Reggie Wayne-01 Fleer Hot Prospects-Pigsking Prospects Jersey

Anthony Thomas-01 Topps Finest RC Premiere Jersey

Koren Robinson-01 Topps Finest RC Premiere Jersey

Daunte Culpepper-01 Private Stock Jersey

Marty Booker-01 Private Stock Jersey

David Terrell/Anthony Thomas-Titanium Dual Game Worn Jersey

Marques-Titanium Post Season Patch Variation Jersey (115/158)

Marques Tuiasosopo-SP Authentic Jersey RC 717/800