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Thread: Inserts FT/FS

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    Inserts FT/FS

    04 Prestige Achievements:

    A-1 Hideo Nomo
    A-2 Don Mattingly
    A-7 Derek Jeter
    A-8 Albert Pujols
    A-13 Sammy Sosa

    Changing Stripes Rickey Henderson

    League Leaders Derek Jeter

    04 Authentix:

    Balcony Parallel #71 Todd Helton #ed to 100
    Club Box Parallel #38 Greg Maddux #ed to 25

    Ticket Studs Insert:

    Nolan Ryan, Albert Pujols x2, Josh Beckett x2

    Ballpark Classics Insert

    Sammy Sosa, Mark Prior

    Authentic Game Worn Jerseys

    #JT-IR Jim Thome / Ivan Rodriguez
    Game Worn Pants Phil Rizzuto #YA-PR

    04 Leaf Second Edition

    Picture Perfect Nomar Garciaparra
    Gamers Barry Zito

    04 Fleer Genuine

    Tools of the Game:

    Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones x2, Curt Schilling

    04 Fleer Patchworks:

    By the Numbers:

    Eric Gagne x2, Vladimir Guerrero, Sammy Sosa

    04 Skybox Autographics:

    Auto Classics:

    Nolan Ryan, Joe Sewell, George Kelly

    Prospects Endorsed:

    Delmon YOung / Albert Pujols Curt Schilling/Ryan Wagner

    04 Fleer Classic Clippings

    Parallel #ed to 150 Alex Rodriguez

    04 Skybox LE

    Skys the Limit

    Hideki Matsui

    Game Worn Jersey Eric Gagne #ed to 299

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    i like this:

    Game Worn Pants Phil Rizzuto #YA-PR

    what do you need?

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    Wll not much of a baseball collector - perhaps if you have some football, or if you can do paypal. Ill give to you cheap LMK

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    sorry i dont have any $$$ and i dont collect football.

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