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Thread: I need Dave Ragone cards ....

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    I need Dave Ragone cards ....

    along with Dave Ragone cards I also need
    Seneca Wallace
    Deuce Mcallister
    Patrick Ramsey

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    i have a 2003 press pass auto gold 1/100....i also have a patrick ramsey black border girdion kings /100...they book 90 total but would give you a really good deal tho.
    i like your farve, gardner, and your mcalister chrome.

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    Hemi: What card is it?
    Cardking: I do have the Chrome Deuce,I collect Deuce so its hard for me to get rid of his cards .Make me an offer.I like the Ragone auto.

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    I have the rookie chase but I can use another one and I do need the je......if you can find something on my site let me know.

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