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    Exclamation Still looking for 06 Classics Saturday Stars Jsys

    will trade in your favor for the hard to find ones,
    or can give paypal
    lmk what you have thanks

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    I have the barry sanders, just pulled it today, I like your roy williams zenith auto...lmk if we can work something out!!!!

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    hey i need that one,
    yeah we can do something,
    i also saw your clyde bulldog turner classics jersey
    anyway for me to get those 2 cards?

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    I'm not real sure what the BV would be on those....the clyde might not be for trade yet till the value comes out....that is kind of a rare jersey to pull....

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    k well i am very interested in those 2, especially the sanders
    if you have any idea of what we can do lmk

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