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Thread: Anyone have Mike Bell?

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    Anyone have Mike Bell?

    Well I am lookng to collect Mike Bell..

    LMK what you have of him!

    I want everything!


  2. Kronozio
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    I dont think he has any, does he? He was an Undrafted Rookie Free Agent...

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    eBay is FULL of them and they are HOT HOT HOT!!!! His common autos are selling for $40-$60. Since he was named the starter yesterday everything of his is going crazy. His Sage base autos are going for $10-$15.

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    ya I have seen some on the bay...

    don't really want to buy right now only trade so LMK if anyone has anything!

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    im warning you from one bronco fan to another don't believe in the hype!! tatum or dayne will be the starter. this is a motivational thing for them. i know I was down there last week. kid id good but lets see it in full speed i dont think he will be the starter week one!!

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    o totally agree with you there but since he is from UVA and I live in Tucson

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    I have a SAGE HIT Mike Bell. Would take a 06 Bears RC.

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