I have GOBS of football cards I would like to sell. They're all duplicates of what I have already and are, on average, in Excellent condition (some better/some worse). Look at my tradelist and it will give you a sample of what I have to offer. By no means is that list a complete list of availability. If you have a favorite team or favorite player, please name them and I'll see what I have.
Most cards are from the 1980s and 1990s. I do have some duplicates from the 2005 Topps 50th Anniversary set (including some (not all) rookies - no "Cadillac" Williams or Ronnie Brown) if you're interested.

Currently, I'd really rather sell at this time but if you have cards of the Indianapolis Colts that I don't already have and are willing to trade, I'll be open to that option as well. I just need to move these cards.