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Thread: 2006 donruss threads

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    2006 donruss threads

    just came out today i think...well this is the first day i saw it on DA. has anyone busted any?

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    I bought 10 packs just to humor myself.

    Pretty descent hit ratios 24 packs/ 4 GU or Autos, 2 RCs and like 3 or 4 parallels per box.

    I got a Chad Greenway RC Auto # 37/100 (was hoping the Pats could draft him)

    Sinorice Moss Rookie Collection Jersey /500 (pretty large swatch)

    Ernie Sims RC /999, Bennie Brazell RC /999, Kerry Collins Platinum Holo-foil Parallel /50, and a Tatum Bell Bronze Holo-Foil Parallel /250.

    Id say it give me some descent hits and at $3.99 a pack it was relative bargain.

    Scans will be up shortly.....all for trade.

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