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    I like the LT, but wouldnt mind getting I think Rudi J and Kevin Jones? I didnt look close, just a guess.

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    Bynes-Didnt see anything
    Vike-Any Kevin Jones-Julius Jones-Greg Jones-Jason Avant-Ernie sims-or Brian Calhoun?

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    I like the two Titans. I have those two Greg Jones you need. Check my site for anything else.

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    Like the LT, know I had a few julius's and greg jones you liked LMK.

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    I could use the Tomlinson, please let me know what we could work out. Thanks !

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    Halls-i could use the mario williams rookie as well.... LMK what you could do

    DeWitt...LMK what jones u had i also liked the grossman auto/GU if u liked anything elso of mine do u know the BV on it?

    Joker-Dewit is first in line>..

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    Would you do the Williams and the Jones RC and GU for the Roby?

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