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    Just In !!!

    2003 Topps Split the Uprights #SU2 Sebastian Janikowski $40.00

    The reason this card is so cool is because it's no regular season game's goal post padding. It's from Super Boxl XXXVII (37). It's also three colors white, dark blue, & light blue. It's #2 in a two card sub-set the other being Gramatica's which books $50.

    Taking Trade or Buy Offers, No CC.

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    01 leaf cert. FF #126 t.minor(oarnge shoe w/seam)(teal jersey)304/400
    01 leaf cert. # d. morgan(white shoe w/lace holes)(blck jer.) 357/400


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    sorry, no scanner..but rest assured both cards are mint!(trade fell through for minor so it's available) also the minor shoe swatch(oarnge) is from stripe down middle of shoe--picture of shoe on back of card shows a 70% white shoe!...lmk what ya think..joe

    PS...have you recieved the M.O. yet?(just courious)

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    As of yesterday I haven't gotten' the MO, but the mail hasn't came today. So we'll see... I looked up the BV of the Minor/Morgan... I thought they booked more, but were only @ $10 & $12. So my interested fell quickly... you'd think a game-used (Shoe/Jersey) Rookie that's serial numbered would book well. Ah, what's the world coming to! Anyways... I think we could do it one of two ways (depending if you're interested). First you could buy the card, price TBD. Or I could PM you a list of cheaper eBay auctions of cards I need (BADLY!) and we could do it that way... LMK what you think, or if you have another idea let me know. Thanks!

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    did you see ANYTHING else on my trade page that you could use? i would be willing to trade heavily in your favor!(these cards just in:

    sage hit tj duckett jersey (green
    """""""" brad banks auto (gold)122/250
    """""""" brad banks jersey (black)
    incoming: q.morgan gu jersey (brown)


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    It's not really that I didn't see anything but I don't really wanna trade my one card for many cards, ya' know what I mean? I saw your Superstar cards books $40+ but don't need any of them. LMK, Thanks!

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