basically what im trying to do is a favor for people. you give me a set you want built and we work out some price that you would pay me for the set. im not looking to trade for other cards. so the question for you much are you willing to spend on these cards and when do you want them by? understand it takes time for people to ship them to me and time for me to ship to you and so on and depending on the card it may take some work to track down. depending on the age of the set and the print run it may take a month or two, it may take a year....i love putting sets together so here it is....if you want a set built let me know. let me know what you have, and what you want! we'll work out a price and some kind of timeline and i'll do my best to get it done! might i add....i prefer doing short print sets....not just common base sets....really like putting together sets that are low numbered!