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    Still need these 05-06 Topps Chrome refractors

    I need base, black and gold refractors
    Base- 3,17,18,21,28,29,31,32,33,34,38,39,40,42,43,47,51, 57,59,60,63,69,71,72,74,77,79,86,96,98,99,101,113, 114,116,119,
    122,124,126,133,135,136,138,142,148,152,156,157,15 8,166,168,170,171,176,178,179,180,181,182,186,187, 190
    191,192,193,194,198,202,203,206,207,211,212,215,21 6,217,218,219,220,241,247,248,258,264,270,272,273, 274,275

    Black and gold leave card numbers for me thanks

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    i like these...let me kno if you collect anything else so we can make a trade or just make an offer....

    Steve Francis SPx Winning Materials dual GU

    Steve Francis UD Materials GU


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    Right now, basically collecting only what's in my sig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swill300
    Right now, basically collecting only what's in my sig.
    would you do the two i have for one of the gu...the one with the least bv...

    let me kno...

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    Yeah, I'll trade the UD GU, post it please if you have time, thanks

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