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    Card store box price robbery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My local store is usually pretty high, I can't bring myself to buy from them ever, but for supplies I go there and get what I need. Anyhow, I was at a local show and saw some Finest that I was interested in, but IMO at 98 a box a little too much.
    Anyhow, yesterday I went to my local shop for some top loaders, and she had 3 boxes and a few mini boxes for sale. $45 a mini and $128 for a box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yup local store is high compared to E-bay, but I buy my packs at the local base because they are lower + no tax FTW :new_usa:

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    ditto...40 a mini, 120 box...CAD though... ;)

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    i think my hobby store doesn't like me. i only buy toploaders, cardboxes, and penny sleeves there. never bought a pack of anything.

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    hey you think thats bad? Move to australia, i went into the ONLY card shop within 200miles of me - and he had boxes of 05/06 Bazooka for sale for $140Aus (which is about $105us) so you guys dont have it too bad so stop complaining!!! :P

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    I guess you are right Matty, but everything is more expensive there, I hear bowling is like $9 a game??

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    Yeh...cept in league bowling, then its like $5 for 3 games...

    I love bowling, used to bowl league, but dont have time now i got kids :(

    that $140 isnt a typical price, australian ebay sellers are fairly reasonably priced (about the same as what it costs to import from the states - with delivery and currency conversion) but coz there is so few shops, they charge whatever they like....

    finest is about $18/pack at shops, boxes go for about $140-160 on ebay (which is about $105-115us - so about what u guys pay)

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